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Ernesto Cardenas
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Gina Miller Hot Yoga Instructor

Yoga Instructor - Madeline JacksonAfter practicing Iyengar yoga in early 2000s, Gina attended a hot class at YBC in 2007 and loved the studio so much, she never left! Gina took the initial instructor course in 2010 and in 2013 she committed herself to pursue teaching in earnest, dedicating a full six months to retrain and refine her yoga alignment, practice, and instruction chops.

Gina's classes are designed to kickstart the day and get you ready for whatever the day may bring. Whether you are a newcomer to the Hot Yoga experience or an athlete looking to mix up your daily regimen, Gina’s class is a great option for you. Appropriate for any skill level, all you need is a desire to let yourself be guided and positive energy to succeed.

Classes are musically diverse, engaging, and designed to maximize your workout in a short timespan. Gina’s class is formatted with the first 45 minutes dedicated to warmup, balance, and core strengthening and ends with 15 minutes dedicated to breathwork and cool down. A final back stretch with lavender oil (optional) is provided before savasana. Favorable temps ~105-115?, 20-30% humidity CPR certified through Summer 2016


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