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Child's pose
(fallen leaf)
Limbers and releases lower back, improves circulation to the brain and pelvic region; improves reproductive and digestive system functioning; improves respiration; reduces large stomach; leaves one with feeling of security and nurturance
Complete breath Stretches and strengthens all the muscles of the chest, rib cage, and stomach; helps reduce harmful stress reactions
Downward dog Limbers lower back and hips; stretches back of legs; increases circulation to head; strengthens heart
Cat balance Strengthens and stretches muscles of the lower and mid-back, strengthens legs and hips; Improves concentration, improves balances
Camel Limbers entire spine; improves circulation and respiration; stretches and strengthens thighs and knees; improves functioning of thyroid; strengthens heart; helps correct curving of upper back and drooping of shoulders, opens chest and upper torso
Knees squeeze
(Knees to chest)
Improves digestion; limbers and relaxes lower back and hips; improves circulation in pelvic region; removes poisons from the body
Cobra Improves functioning of digestive, respiratory, and reproductive systems; limbers and strengthens entire spine; strengthens eyesight; equalizes two sides of body; improves complexion; strengthens back, stimulates sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems; normalizes thyroid gland
Dancer's pose Strengthens the lower back; limbers and strengthens the hips and thighs; improves mental poise;
improves posture, balance, and concentration, strengthens ankles, relieves upper back tension
Seated, spinal twist Improves digestion; limbers and tones entire spine; strengthens and limbers rib cage; relieves chronic constipation; helps relieve bladder, urinary track and prostate problems; strengthens heart. Muscles of the shoulders are massaged internally as are the muscles of the abdomen.
Lying spinal Improves functioning of internal organs; improves circulation; strengthens and twist limbers the shoulders, back and hip joints; helps to trim the waistline
Boat pose

Strengthens back muscles, improves digestion and functioning of all internal organs; provides kidneys fresh supply of blood

Alligator Gently limbers entire spine; balances both halves of body; improves circulation; massages all internal organs; helps increase lung capacity
Easy bridge Improves functioning of thyroid; eases back pain and fatigue; increases circulation to head; helps
relieve bedsores; stretches and tones thighs and buttocks
Tree pose Improves posture, poise, balance, concentration, respiration; strengthens legs
Windmill Limbers and strengthens lower back, hip joints, legs; improves respiration; reduces waistline
Bow pose Relieves chronic constipation; improves functioning of digestive system; strengthens back and. thigh muscles; increases vitality; massages and stimulates solar plexus, stimulates thyroid; opens chest and shoulders unevenly on the feet or standing with weight on only one leg or standing with one foot turned outwards.
Yoga mudra Helps restore abdominal organs to natural position in abdominal cavity; creates inner environment of humility; strengthens the nerves and muscles of the abdominal and pelvic areas
Seated forward bend

Tones kidneys by stretching the back; stretches, tones and lengthens entire spinal column; brings more oxygenated blood to the sexual organs; provides powerful stretch for the entire back; deeply tranquilizes the whole system, calming mind and emotions.



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