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Houston Hot Yoga

Get your Hot Tone Body here

Hot Yoga is a slower pace yoga in the a heated room and is GREAT for begginers!!

Benefits your body by assisting your body in sweating out toxins while allowing you, the practitioner, to safely come deeper into asanas (poses or stretches).  It also benefits your body and psyche by means of meditation and works exceedingly well to achieve harmony helping the mind act in synchronization with the body. By performing hot yoga you engage your body in focused deep breathing using heat to sweat out and detoxify, removing impurities. The direct result is the removal of anxiety and toxins from the body, as well as the additional benefit of weight loss.

Classes offered at your body center, a local Yoga Studio in Houston TX, are open to all fitness levels. We offer modifications for more advanced postures that allow our classes to be challenging for both beginner and more advanced.

Hot Yoga Classes Offered:  
Hot Body 90Hot Body 60, Hot Vibes, Hot Hatha , Warm Hatha, Warm Flow, Powerful Flow

**Become a Hot Yoga Teacher**

Required Materials:
Yoga mat, bath & hand towel, and water. We can rent mats and towels if you do not have one and have water for purchase.

Studio Etiquette

Hot Body 90   

Hot Yoga @ Your Body CenterThis is an great pratice performed in a hot room (110-115 degrees) using yoga postures and a few pilates core strengthening exercises to challenge all parts of your body.

Standing Series poses/asana are done TWICE, covering breath and warm up, balance, and warrior poses.

Floor Series covers abs, core and spine work, with final stretching and breath. Instructor ab and core work variety is encouraged to enhance muscle stimulation. Detailed instruction, cueing and coaching is provided, with gentle, upbeat music.

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Hot Body 60 

Side AngleThis is the 60 min routine using yoga postures and a few pilates core strengthening exercises to challenge all parts of your body. !

Standing Series poses are done ONCE, covering breath and warm up, balance, and warrior poses.

Floor Series covers abs, core and spine work, with final stretching and breath.Instructor ab and core work variety is encouraged. It is understood that some poses may have to be excluded due to time constraints.Detailed instruction, cueing and coaching is provided, with gentle, quiet music.

Hot Vibes    60 min

House BuddahA 60 minute, flow based class, incorporating Sun Salutations, a vinyasa flow sequence, in between most of the standing poses/asanas.

Instructor leads by example and minimal cueing or coaching, with emphasis on the student following their own breath and own internal guidance into the poses/asanas.

Personal modifications are encouraged, up leveling or even down leveling. More upbeat, energetic music is used, based on instructor style.

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Hot Hatha Yoga   60 min

Yoga Align Hot Hatha is NOT a set routine, so you can expect a different routine each class! This class is a little cooler than the Your Hot Body Workout class with the temperature ranging from 100 to 110 degrees. Hot Hatha is a wonderful and challenging yoga class with a unique twist.


Power Flow  60 min

Forrest YogaPower Flow is an energizing, challenging and powerful class that will leave you feeling rinsed and revitalized.

Expect to move, sweat and leave transformed! Based on the Journey Into Power sequence and suitable for all-levels. It is done in the Hot room without active heat around 90 degrees.

Warm Hatha    60 min

Appropriate for all levels. This class is both fun and challenging, and meets students where they are. Reminding students that the real challenge is to stay connected to one's breath, and to listen to one's body and respecting where it is at that particular moment. Class is playful and noncompetitive. The room is about 95 degrees.

Warm Flow    60 min

The class promises to make you sweat while you move though the series and feel your body, where breath and movement become one.

This class is in the Hot Room with no active heat, around 85 degrees.  This style of hatha yoga consists of a series of poses that all yoga students can enjoy. The instructor carefully hand-picks the type of music to be used during the class so that the routine has an energizing, gentle, graceful and inspiring flow to it.

This class can be challenging for a beginner to yoga but all levels are welcome to attend.

Why Hot Yoga?

Awkward PoseHeat can serve an important role in yoga. The authentic practice of hot yoga is known to restore energy, revitalize the muscles and joints, and can help prevent degeneration of the body from disease. Heat warms and relaxes the entire body, promoting suppleness, relaxation, and elongation of muscle tissue. Performing yoga in a heated environment can also help you get into a deeper stretch as well as aid in avoiding injury.

Regular practice of hot yoga can improve muscle tone, aid in weight loss and normalization, and help you enjoy good health and optimal well-being. Some of the many benefits that heat can provide include:

  • Ability to quickly reach and maintain an efficient workout zone
  • Increase your heart rate to ensure a cardiovascular workout
  • Increase in your body's ability to metabolize and burn fat
  • More efficiently oxygenate blood, tissues, glands and organs
  • Improve digestion and respiration
  • Help the body's endocrine, lymphatic and elimination systems work together
  • Improve the immune system and rejuvenate the skin
  • Promote detoxification through sweating
  • Heal and cleanse the body from the inside out
  • Release tight and tense muscles
  • Lessen or eliminate aches caused by arthritis, fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Protect muscles by allowing for deeper stretching

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