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For Love of The Dance

  @ Your Body Center

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Introduce a Guest to private lessons and when they purchase their first package, you will receive a FREE Private Lesson!!!

Semi Private Lessons! For Love Of The Dance will now be teaching semi private lessons as opposed to group classes! What that means for you: you can now put together your own group of friends and pick a day/time that works best for you! Two people in a class is a private lesson which =$80. If you bring another couple, it will be four people and =$100 ($80 + 10 extra per person) meaning your cost per person drops to $25. If you have a group of six, it will be $120 total, split between 6! If you are interested in this format, but don't have friends who are, no problem! Let me know your availability and I will add you to a group as they come up!

For your first lesson, you are welcome to do a trial session, which is a 30 minute lesson for $25! This will give us time to get to know one another and also time for me to asses your dancing experience/ability and recommend a suitable program!



Nicole Harford is and has been a resident Hot Yoga Instructor here at the Studio since 2006. She also runs a Ballroom and Latin Dance company,
For Love Of The Dance, which operates primarily out of the YBC Studio!

Nicole loves to work with students from all walks of life... Perhaps you're preparing for a big occasion, a Wedding or an Anniversary; or you're desperate to compete and strut your stuff. Maybe you're looking to rekindle some fire with your special someone and are looking for a quality activity for the two of you, or perhaps you're just looking for something fun, social and calorie burning to do! Whatever your goal, Nicole is ready to help you achieve it. She is available for Private and Group lessons, and as a performer/Instructor for special events.

Learn More About:    Private Lessons   |   Group Classes   |   Weddings/Special Events   |   Dance Parties   | Performances

Private Lessons

Working one-on-one with an instructor, lessons are geared towards your specific needs, goals and abilities and work at your pace. Hands on attention can quickly remedy any problems and put you back on the right track! Here at YBC, you'll be the only person in the studio, so no sharing of music or floor space, and no need to feel self conscious!

Like with any other new activity, whether physical or mental, it is more beneficial to keep your lessons closer together: Taking your lessons on a regular basis will allow you quickly build up muscle memory.

Single classes (50 Minutes): $80

Beginner’s Package 1 - (50 Minutes/class): $300 ($75/class)
This package gives you four private lessons during which you will be introduced to the basics of the eight major dances. (This package is recommended if you plan to continue your lessons past the beginner stage, meaning that the time allowed in the four lessons is enough to move you towards the next stage, but not enough to perfect the basics.)

Beginner’s Package 2 – (50 Minutes/class): $490 ($70/class)
This package will give you 7 private lessons in which to become familiar and comfortable with the basics of the eight major dances. Also, if time allows, this will introduce some of the more elaborate steps from the intermediate level, including more insight into leading and following.
(This package is recommended if you know that your time is limited and you wish to focus on the basics, and become more comfortable with them.)  
Intermediate and Advanced: at this level, you can then purchase bundles of lessons.

          5 pack: $375 ($75/Class)
          10 pack: $700 ($70/class)

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Semi-Private Classes

 Semi-Private lessons are scheduled at your convenience.  You find people you want to dance with, bring along a few friends, maybe a bottle of wine and call me to set up a time!  Pricing depends on the number of people involved, the larger the group, the cheaper the cost per person.

(If you know that you wish to participate in semi-private classes, but need a partner or a group to dance with, please email or call me as I can add you to a group at your level!)

Semi-Private classes are an inexpensive and relaxed way to begin your journey into dance. Typically used to supplement Private lessons, these classes will introduce steps, techniques, and style as well as frame and partnership. The dances we focus on are the eight major Ballroom and Latin dances:

Rumba, Tango, Salsa, Swing,

Cha Cha, Waltz, Foxtrot & Rock & Roll.

Some dancers will progress very well through Semi-Private Classes, finding time to practice and use what they learn. Many students however, find that they progress more smoothly and quickly with additional help through one on one (or two!) instruction. The nature of a group format is designed to work hand in hand with Private Lessons. You will use your private lessons to perfect moves, add style and technique to steps that have been introduced in Group Classes!

Beginner I: This course will introduce the basic patterns of the eight major dances. Whilst becoming comfortable with moving around the floor with our partners, and with music, we will also begin to work on Frame and Partnership including Leading and Following. 

Beginner II: This course will review the basic patterns of the eight major dances, whilst adding more intricate steps. We will also focus more on connection through the frame, styling the individual dances and beginning technique.

Intermediate: This course will focus on one or two dances per month, reviewing and polishing previous steps whilst adding more complex patterns. Latin technique will we will review the basic patterns of the eight major dances, whilst adding more intricate steps. We will also focus more on connection through the frame, styling the individual dances and beginning technique.

***Special pricing for YBC reoccurring memberships. **

Attire: Dress code for classes is mostly just a suggestion, as above anything else I want you to be comfortable! That said, I've learned the hard way that shorter skirts are not great, as the fans tend to re-create the 'Marilyn Monroe' photo! So for ladies, longer skirts, jeans or pants of any kind of (as long as you can comfortably move in them) and low-medium heeled, NON-stiletto shoes that strap across the foot are best... for men jeans, shorts, or pants of any kind and shoe wise for you, you want something relatively flexible, that DOES NOT have black rubber bottoms! (these tend to make long streaks on the dance floor!)

After your first couple of lessons, if you decide that dancing is something you want to continue with, I would recommend purchasing dance shoes. My shop of choice is Robert & Lonnie's Dance Galaxy, found online at and please make sure you try them on first!

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Weddings/Special Events

The First thing you will work together towards achieving as a newly married couple is

Your First Dance…

Make it something to Remember

Wedding Lessons:

Pkg 1: $185 2 private lessons with instruction on how to dance to your chosen song, including a brief entrance and finish, with basic steps in between.

Pkg 2: $360 4 Private Lessons with Basic Choreography to a chosen song (help with picking a song if needed). This will give you a comfortable and smooth first dance.

Pkg 3: $680 7 Private Lessons with Choreography to your chosen song (help with picking a song if needed). This package will familiarize you with the basics and more of your chosen dance style. You can expect to feel comfortable with a special, 'wow' first dance. More elaborate choreography may require more dance lessons, but after this package, they can be purchased from the regular package bundles.

Quincinera/ Sweet Sixteen/ Anniversary/ Mother/ Father of the Bride Classes also available

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Dance Parties

Dance practice parties are a great way to bridge the gap between the classroom and the dance floor! Providing a safe environment within a social and lively setting, YBC enables students to take their dancing to the next level. Invite your partner, a classmate or even a stranger to dance! Begin to recognize which music corresponds to which dance, and mainly, use your dancing to have a great night out! 

Haven't danced before, but thinking about giving it a go? This is a great opportunity for you to come and check out the studio, and the dancing! There will be a beginner's lesson at the beginning of each party to give you some background and then help, when needed, to move you into each dance!

Practice Parties are $15 per person, Everyone/ Anyone is welcome.

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BYOB! :-)

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