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Ernesto Cardenas
Jackie Cordona
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Tiffany Richard

 Shavaun Langley Instructor, Hot Body

Shavaun has always enjoyed teaching and sharing her passion with others. Her training began early at the age of 6 in Tae Kwon Do. 10 years later she earned her black belt in the art and losing the title of Junior Instructor to Instructor at her parents’ dojo, Langley’s Tae Kwon Do. With her parents guidance Shavaun has trained and coached many world champions in the art. In 2008, Shavaun began to look for other challenges that require the same mental discipline that would excite her and fulfill her in the way that Martial Arts did for so long.

Shavaun has been attending classes at Your Body Center for 2 years, but it wasn’t until she decided to invest in the teacher training did she feel fulfilled in her practice. Using her many years of martial arts instructor training, and her natural leadership qualities, Shavaun brings an energetic, fun, and fulfilling atmosphere to her practice. She would like to personally thank Gayle Collins for introducing her and planting that seed to pursue teacher training and for her guidance as she honed her yoga craft. Studying under Aline Houston, she has adopted her quality of teaching with passion

Shavaun truly enjoys her yoga practice and finds an inner joy and happiness. Come try her class and allow her to share this inner happiness with all!


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