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Ernesto Cardenas
Jackie Cordona
Karin Martinez
Tiffany Richard

 Dinee Peters-Bell Yoga Instructor - Barre Instructor - Pilates Instructor

Dinee Peters-Belll, Yoga Instructor & Barre InstrcutorBorn in Colorado and raised in Houston, Dinee has a true passion for fitness and the outdoors!  Dinee participated in several sports throughout her childhood; it was only natural for her to pursue a career in fitness. Health and wellness has always played and integral role in her life.

She started as a personal trainer at Bally Total Fitness in 2002. While at Bally’s she was introduced to Pilates and yoga.  Dinee fell in love with both!

“I became a yoga teacher to share the gift of sustaining long term health with others. My goal is to give each student the personalized experience and take them to the next level in their yoga journey.”

Dinee is a 200-hour registered yoga teacher. She has studied many different styles of yoga. Dinee teaches yin, hatha, and vinyasa yoga.  Dinee holds several Pilates certification through Bally Total Fitness. She is also a certified personal trainer through AFAA. When not practicing yoga or teaching, Dinee enjoys biking, swimming and enjoying time with her family and dogs.



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